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Building foundational literacy

competency and character qualities in the youth from an early age by training them in STEM

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By learning STEM from an early age, kids will be gaining a powerful advantage by picking up the skills needed to comfortably navigate the world of the 21st Century. On top of that, STEM gives kids an incredibly valuable foundation in areas that lead to rewarding careers

Frequently Asked Questions

Larn Innovation Hub is an edtech start-up teaching children in primary school (k-7) STEM lessons. We teach foundational literacies (numeracy and Literacy) coupled with other competencies and character qualities such as Innovation, Problem Solving, communication, collaboration and tenacity

STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics, for many years the focus of education has been only on science and mathematics, however as the world evolves, advancements and new discoveries continue to be made it has been noted that technology and engineering are equally important areas that the general citizenry should have knowledge about. In STEM education the children learn the following;

Science: They learn inquiring, predicting, experimenting, observing and asking questions
Technology: they learn problem identifying, being innovative, developing ideas and improving them. They also learn how to use computers and how the internet works
Engineering: They learn planning, problem solving, constructing and evaluating
Mathematics: They learn defining, formulating, sequencing and exploring shapes

STEM is the future and the future is now. STEM is an important sector because as the world evolves its evolution and advancements are leaning towards STEM, this is in all sectors, we now have Agri tech, Fintech, Insurtech, Edu tech and Health Tech, in order for our children to be highly involved and be built into future innovators they require STEM education. Further STEM education is important because it helps children:

I. Gain passion and interest in a STEM field
II. Become cooperative and independent
III. Develop basic skills in STEM advanced skills such as coding:
IV. Learn real life experiences by solving real world problems through hands on activities

STEM education is not only for children who want to take up a career in STEM it is an all-inclusive field because it teaches children 21st century skill set such as digital literacy, communication, collaboration and problem solving, which skills are needed in every sector. STEM education will benefit your child in the following 6 thinking dispositions

I. Metacognitive: ability to reflect upon own actions and ideas, by being aware of how one thinks, how they speak and how their actions are perceived.
II. Imaginative: helps the child generate new ideas and find alternative ways to solve problems by supporting originality and helping them think of “what could be instead of what is”
III. Problem solving: STEM helps the child learn to be part of the solution by training them to not only identify but come up with a solution to the problem identified.
IV. Inquisitive: the child will be more curious about the surrounding world, they will seek evidence and reasoning and will show interest in how things work.
V. Persistent: STEM being a practical hands on task helps children work through a project until completion by retaking it until successful, it helps them stay focussed.
VI. Collaboration: it helps the children actively look and recognise ways in which things connect, It helps them search for relationships between ideas and practical application.

1. Energy
2. Agriculture
3. Computation thinking (coding and robotics)
4. ICT
5. Mechanics
6. Health
7. Numeracy
8. Literacy

This platform cost K100 per child per month

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